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Nomax Electrical Steel Pvt. Ltd.- CRGO Toroidal Transformer Core & Round and Rectangular Transformer Core manufacturer in India

Manufacturers of CRGO Transformer Laminations, CRGO Stacked Assembled Cores, CRGO Toroidal and Wound Transformer cores in India.

Nomax Electrical Steel Pvt. ltd.
CRGO STEEL - Leading Manufacturer of CRGO Transformer Cores
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CRGO STEEL: Manufacturers of CRGO Transformer Core Laminations & CRGO Strips in India.
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Click here to see our CRGO & CRNGO availibility...
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Important Electrical Properties of CRGO ...
CRGO Strips (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented) Manufacturers in India.
Important Electrical Properties of CRNGO ...
CRGO STEEL - Production Process of CRGO
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CRGO STEEL - CRGO Transformer Core Proccesses
CRGO STEEL - Application of  CRGO & CRNGO electrical steel
Application of  CRGO & CRNGO electrical steel
CRGO STEEL - Application of CRGO & CRNGO elctrical steel
Quality and Reliability are the driving forces behind our commitment to total customer satisfaction. In our quest to produce the best product possible, all incoming materials, every individual step during the process ,and the final product are subject to the strictest mechanical and electrical quality tests. This puts us in a position to implement the electromagnetic and mechanical properties required by our customers technically and cost-effectively during the production of CRGO Transformer Cores.

Quality policy

It is the policy of Nomax Electrical Steel Pvt. ltd. to provide the highest value magnetic CRGO materials to its customers through a combination of exceptional quality, price, delivery and service.


Achieve and maintain a quality management system which covers all areas, from development and production to marketing consistent with ISO 9001:2000 international standards.

Produce CRGO Magnetic Materials within that quality system which satisfy our customers for quality and consistency and which meet or exceed the industry standards

Maintain cost control by encouraging innovation, having a flat organizational structure with individual empowerment at all levels

Achieve speed-to-market by maintaining efficient administrative and productive systems good internal communications and fast factory throughput

Maintain excellent service by creating working partnerships with open lines of communication at all levels.

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Manufacturers of Transformer Lamination,CRGO Stacked Transformer Cores, Toroidal Cores and CRGO Wound Cores in Kolkata India