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Nomax Electrical Steel Pvt. Ltd.- CRGO Toroidal Transformer Core & Round and Rectangular Transformer Core manufacturer in India

CRGO Transformer Cores,CRGO Assembled Stacked Cores ,CRGO Toroidal ,Wound Transformer Cores,CRGO Step-Lap Cores for Small Transformer ,Medium and Power Transformer.

Nomax Electrical Steel Pvt. ltd.
CRGO STEEL - Leading Manufacturer of CRGO Transformer Cores
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CRGO STEEL: Manufacturers of CRGO Transformer Core Laminations & CRGO Strips in India.
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Click here to see our CRGO & CRNGO availibility...
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Important Electrical Properties of CRGO ...
CRGO Strips (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented) Manufacturers in India.
Important Electrical Properties of CRNGO ...
CRGO STEEL - Production Process of CRGO
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CRGO STEEL - Application of  CRGO & CRNGO electrical steel
Application of  CRGO & CRNGO electrical steel
CRGO STEEL - Application of CRGO & CRNGO elctrical steel
Our facilities have been state of the art technology with the modern production processes. Our production of CRGO transformer cores are fully compatible with the electrotechnical standards and comply with the customer demands. We are located in modern premises, with specially designed equipments. By using very efficient manufacturing techniques we are able to produce CRGO cores to a very high standard at extremely competitive prices.

Nomax Electrical Steel Pvt. ltd. manufacture CRGO transformer Cores in both plants located at 51, Dakhin Hatiara, Kolkata-700 059 (Shed Area 40,000 sq. ft.
and 50,000 sq. ft.) both the units are equipped with following machineries.

Slitting machine for CRGO Transformer lamination,CRGO Cut to length Lines for Transformer lamination. 2 Continuous Roller Hearth Annealing Furnace 7.5 MT EOT Crane. Digital Iron Loss CRGO Tester, Power Processes, Power Shearing Machines, Power Hole Punching Machine. Measuring Instruments, Weighing scale, Fully equipped tool rooms, Computer systems and All types of Grinding Machines and more..
Disc type Slitting Machine, Cut to length lines for CRGO Transformer Cores with stacking systems, 3 Zone Roller Hearth Annealing Furnace, 10MT EOT Crane, Japanese Transformer core loss tester, Complete wound core Power Process / Shearing Machines. Pit type annealing Furnace. CRGO automatic Core winding machine, Weighing Scale. Standards room and Measuring Instruments fully equipped tool rooms, Computer systems, Manual Transformer Cores cutting line and more.

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Manufacturers of CRGO laminations UPTO 200 MVA, CRGO Flat Stacked Transformer Cores ,CRGO Slit Coils,CRGO Round Rectangular Cores and CRGO wound cores in Kolkata, India..